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  • OP-4 (z) fire extinguisher
OP-4 (z) fire extinguisher
  • OP-4 (z) fire extinguisher

OP-4 (z) fire extinguisher

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Country of manufacture:Russia

The fire extinguisher powder OP-4 (z) is suitable for suppression of the following classes of the fires:

- class A (solid substances)

- class B (combustible zhidkst)

- a class About (combustible gases)

- a class E (electric equipment energized to 1000 V)

It is recommended for equipment of household objects, garages, fire-prevention boards.

Range of temperatures of application, With: from-40 to +50

Country of manufacture:Russia
Type of fire extinguisher:Powder-type
Weight: 5.5 kg
Volume: 5 L
Method of operaton:Manual
Operating pressure: 1.4 atm
Weight of fire extinguishing agent: 4 kg
Information is up-to-date: 23.01.2018

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